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hi, i'm kaitlin,
i found this community and it looked like fun. i could always use a few friends since i seem to be running low these days. so i guess i'll just like write some stuff about me.

name: kaitlin
location: Conneticut
height: 5'2
eyes: green
hair: black for the time being
color: red
bands: bright eyes, the faint, pixies, rilo kiley, death cab for cutie, cursive, and stuff like that
movies: texas chainsaw massacre(original), dracula, evil dead, army of darkness, the shinning, the labyrinth, alice in wonderland, halloween, empire records, high fidelities, sunshine of the spotless mind, ghost world, night mare on elm street, beattle juice, and any other tim burton film.
tv shows: seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm, sex an the city, iron chef, survivor, sureal life, threes company, anything anime,
hobbies: listening to music, writing music and poetry, playing guitar, being with my boy friend.

thats about it, if you want to know anything else, just ask. wich you probably wont, its proably already way more than you wanted to know, sorry.

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